SOS El Arca

Being a sponsor is a committed step toward helping us on our mission and our work. If you love Playa del Carmen and you want to improve the lives of abused starving and hurt animals, please consider being a regular sponsor.

Your sponsorship will help cover:


✔️Medical costs



✔️Facility maintenance

✔️Fair pay for our dedicated employees

Why become a sponsor?


Donations are needed each and every day, each and every month, all year long.

This is where you can step in.
It is a dedicated and generous heart who can make a regular donation each month on systematic basis.


We hope that one day our help for hurt, hungry, abandoned or diseased street dogs of Playa del Carmen will not be needed.
Until then we continue the work to help and rehabilitate and rehome these beings.


Each animal receives veterinarian assessment and is treated medically, then, sterilized, rehabilitated, adopted.
Yet, some animals will not ever be adopted and they will live with us forever.

Please consider any of the following initiatives as a sponsor:

Donate each month; we will use as needed.

Sponsor-A-Spay & Neuter Campaign.

Sponsor-A-Dog –Some dogs may never ever leave Sos el Arca for medical or personality reasons.

Sponsor-A-Cat – Cats always need help!

Sponsor-A-Kennel – Help us maintain kennels and facility.

Company Sponsorship. Maybe your company would like to make regular donations?