Our Clinic


Lovingly called “Corazon sin Dueño”, for all the poor souls who have no owner, opened in 2019. Providing low-cost, high-quality veterinarian services and spay and neuter for animals of owners who have no means to care for them properly.

We are a lifeline to the people of the low-income local community and their animals, to provide quality health care and sterilization services at low prices. Our experienced veterinarians offer examinations, surgeries, and follow-up care in an air-conditioned clinic.

There is no government or statutory support for these efforts. Your donations are the only reason we can help the impoverished people of the community to care for the animals, responsibly.

Our accomplishments: In 3 short years between 2019 and 2022 there are 2241 animals that have been sterilized and treated at affordable costs. Without Corazon Sin Dueno, most of those animals would have been left to breed on the street and cause an increased overpopulation. For years to come, these services will have a positive impact.

100% of the clinic’s profits go directly to support the work of SOS El Arca and the shelter.

✅Dental cleaning
✅Blood tests and treatments
✅Health certificates
✅Documents and advice to travel with your pet

…and much more

No animal should suffer or die from a treatable disease or be hit by a car while on the street. Ticks, fleas, mange, worms, parvovirus, distemper, Ehrlichia, and TVT blindness, are some of what we deal with regularly. With the right treatment and vaccinations, we can stop these terrible diseases and viruses from spreading!

Open Hours & Appointments


Monday to Friday 8.30am – 6pm

Saturday & Sunday 8.30am – 4pm

For appointments, call or WhatsApp 984 147 5605

Other Ways to Help


Being a sponsor is a committed step toward helping us on our mission and our work. If you love Playa del Carmen and you want to improve the lives of abused starving and hurt animals, please consider being a regular sponsor.


Have fun and make a difference at the same time, volunteering is a great experience to share with family and friends. All are welcome to help with dog walking, bathing, shelter maintenance and other daily tasks.


Your generous financial gift allows Sos El Arca Animal Rescue in Playa del Carmen to save abused street animals. 
Together with you, we make their world a better place.