Your generous financial gift allows Sos El Arca Animal Rescue in Playa del Carmen to save abused street animals. 
Together with you we make their world a better place.
We can heal the hurt, house the hungry, and find adoptive homes for the lucky animals.
Thank you for your love.

SOS El Arca Animal Rescue:

Since 2011, Sos el Arca Animal Rescue, Playa del Carmen, rescues street dogs and cats who are hurt, diseased and hungry. They receive veterinarian care and sanctuary until we find loving homes. Impoverished communities of Playa benefit from our monthly Spay and Neuter Campaigns to reduce the street animal population.

Your Donations Keep Us Going

$15 buys tick and fleas preventions

$25 vaccinates a dog from diseases

$45 feeds one adult dog for a month

$30 neuter/spay dog

$20 neuter/spay cat

SOS El Arca Logo


SOS El Arca is a humane, no-kill dog rescue based in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. We work tirelessly to rescue abandoned, injured, and mistreated dogs from the streets, giving them the chance of a life they deserve. 

We care for hundreds of dogs and cats in need. The vast majority are adopted to loving, forever homes. Those who cannot be adopted live with us at the shelter, safe, loved, and cared for until they pass away.

We also provide low-cost veterinary care and spay/neuter through our clinic, "Corazon Sin Dueño" and 100% of the profits from the clinic go back into supporting the work of the shelter.

We have no government funding and rely solely on donations to fund our life-saving mission.

Since 2011, we have rescued, rehabilitated, spayed/neutered, and rehomed more than 3800 dogs and cats.

This is all due to your gracious donations.