Activity First Trimester 2020

SOS El Arca

With your help, we could rescue 41 dogs this first trimester.

We want to thank you for your donations of food ( 1412 kg) and financial supporters who helped us to save more dogs and to keep our shelter dogs safe and healthy.

Together we are a fantastic team: The SOS el Arca family

In January we rescued 18 dogs: Vicky, Nuala, Peluso, Peluche, ( babies, Camila, Cara, Canelo, James, Derek & Yuya

We also had 20 adoptions:

In February we had 12 rescued dogs/cats: O’Malley, Wendy, and Val, Shadow, Roy, Nora, Molly, Ren, Chloe, Sky, Adele & Debby.

We also had 19 adoptions:

In March we had 11 rescued dogs: Judy, Abby, Nella, Duschka, Bolek, Ola, Puppa, Mila, Denzel, Kayla & Zumba.

We also had 20 adoptions:

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Internal Dewormings: 354
Heartworm preventions: 414
Rabies vaccines: 49 for shelter dogs, 98 for external dogs
Sterilizations: 105
Orthopedic surgeries: 6
Surgeries: 4
Chemotherapies: 11