Medication and others

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In S.O.S el Arca A.C we have all year 190 dogs, some of them are in our shelter or foster home. Your monetary donation is extremely important to help us continue with our goals.

Every day the dogs at Sos El Arca need to eat, and walk and have the kennels cleaned. Every day our shelter dogs in Playa del Carmen has dogs that need to be given medicine. Every day the dogs are walked and kennels cleaned. Every week they receive baths. Every month we have to pay the water bill and electric bill.

In S.O.S El Arca A.C. we have on average between 65 and 100 dogs (located between refuge and our temporary homes).

You can imagine that the list of needs is extensive, here is a basic outline.

Monthly expenses

  1. Dog food, $3600 USD.
  2. Rent, $1200 USD.
  3. Veterinarian expenses, $3000 USD.
  4. Medicines, $500 – 900 USD.
  5. Operation fees.
  6. Water and Electricity Expenses, $1000 USD
  7. Cleaning staff and caregivers, $6000 USD
  8. Gasoline, $600 USD
  9. WEB and telephone expenses, $200 USD



Drugs and Others

1) Bovitrax , Doxycycline 100 mg, Metronidazole 500 mg, 400mg, SulfasTrimetropim, Cephalexin 500mg, Tablets worming (Bendaval, Ivermectin), Frontline, anti-flea collars, hydrogen peroxide, cotton, etc.

2) Refrigerator to store medicines.

3) Food for puppies and Adult Dog, 42 bags of 25 kg. Price $33 USD each bag.

4) Food Containers, leads &collars.

5) Adult Scarves for post operations.

6) Flea shampoo, Frontline, etc.

7) Bathtubs & Towels dog washes.

8) Large and small (for babies who cannot be together with grown dogs or bigger puppies) cages to transport, Houses, news beds.

9) Cleaning Products.

10) A car for transporting dogs to sterilization or vets, or rescue.

11) Awnings or umbrellas for shadows.

12) Fans.