diciembre 8, 2016

Playing with the Doggies

diciembre 8, 2016

Cesar Millan Visiting S.O.S

diciembre 7, 2016

Diego Needs You

Para mañana compartireremos más casos. Esperalos!
diciembre 7, 2016

Our boy George

diciembre 7, 2016

Gloria and Lola

noviembre 3, 2016


HOPE  got hit by a car and probably dragged for meters with his chin on the street. He lost the gum of his jaws and his chops. He […]
septiembre 8, 2016

Happy to Announce the New Shelter Address and More

Hello Donors & Friends, We are pleased to announce that the shelter S.O.S Ark moved to a bigger place. Our dogs have plenty of space for […]
julio 27, 2016

We Still Need Vaccines and Food

  Hi Donors and Friends, We thank to all of you for your donation in every single way – money, time, buying food  and medicine, etc-. […]
julio 26, 2016

Bongo Needs a Sponsor

Hello Friens & Donors, We have a sad news. Our little bottle feeding puppy, Bongo, his 2 kidneys has renal deficiency. He needs a special medicine […]