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All Of Our Dogs Are Spayed/Neutered

Having a pet is a commitment. It is a life in your hands.

Each year hundreds of dogs and cats are born. Many of them end up abused and abandoned on the street. Because of this, we at Sos el Arca shelter for street dogs of Playa del Carmen, Mexico are over full.

Adopt don’t buy. Please.

S.O.S el Arca, a no kill shelter for street dogs in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. We have rescued more than 2600 dogs since 2011.  More than 2300 dogs have been adopted directly from our shelter.

Even with all the hard work we do at the shelter and all the sterilization campaigns that we support, it is not enough to reduce the stray dog population. As an example, see the box of puppies left on our doorstep, no momma to care for them.

Playa del Carmen is one of the fastest growing cities in Latin America, with many different cultures and different beliefs about dog care. We see many cases of dogs chained for their entire life, or abused badly, starved or injured.

Playa is also a very transient city. Often when people leave Playa del Carmen, they abandon the dogs, who are left on the street to fend for themselves. These dogs are often hit by cars and left to die on the road.

Because of all this, Sos el Arca, no kill shelter for dogs in Playa del Carmen,  encourages you to adopt a dog rather than buy a dog.

Adopt with us and we show you how easy it is to fly back to your home country with the dog too.

The dogs who are adopted and given loving forever homes are forever grateful.  And so are we.

Here are our dogs for adoption, each with its own history and personality.

If any one of them catches your eye, you can contact us. Or look for the dogs with these red jackets on 5th ave Playa del Carmen every night.





Click on the link below. It will take you to the facebook photo album of all our current dogs. We are currently working to populate this page of adoptable dogs, meantime use the link below to go to facebook. Please check back soon.

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