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Adopt A dog Today


Adopt Today is not an option, It is a necessity!

Hundreds of dogs and cats are born every year around the world, many of them end up their life in the municipal kennels – killed in horrible ways -, abused and abandoned on the street.

S.O.S el Arca has rescued more than 2200 dogs. 1900+ have been adopted directly from us.

Even with this great work and constant sterilization campaigns that we support, It is not enough to reduce the dog population.

We encourage that instead of buying a dog – as if it were a merchandise – either you adopt one at your local shelter, or directly with us.


Estos son los perritos que tenemos para adopción en SOS el Arca, todos ellos son increíbles, cada uno a su manera, pero todos merecen un dulce hogar con una familia como la tuya 🙂 This are the dogs for adoption at SOS el Arca, all of them are incredible in their own way, and all of them deserve a sweet home with a family like yours 🙂

This post is also available in: esEspañol (Spanish)