Urgent help to finish the new shelter: our time is up!!

We still cannot finish the new shelter. We have not enough money for that. We still need to buy the fences, the roofs, the wood to support the roof and to pay the workers.

We have got some donations, but part of these had to be used to save the 22 (of 30 rescued puppy babies) and to buy their vaccines which will arrive tomorrow. Some of these babies are sick and had to be isolated and are in intense care. So we also had to uses part to buy the medecines for that intense care.

We still need your help to finish the new shelter, and it is very urgent as we have to leave the old place latest the the April 30th.

Your donations can be send by Paypal (you can pay with your credit card, just remember it is in pesos so 1 USD are 12,5 pesos). Paypal donations arrive after 5 days. You can also make direct payments at the bank account.


Banco Santander
Clave 01469492001677527

We thank you very much for your help

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