New arrivals:

From the pound: Lilly, Canela, Saba, Alba, Barbas, Matty

From the street:

Chanel, Ramon, Obama, Clinton, Jessie, Chloe, Rambo, Bali

All have been dewormed, 7 have been distemper tested (Lilly, Canela, Saba, Alba, Barbas, Chanel, Chloe), 2 have been tested for Erlichea and Anaplasma (Lilly, Rambo), all have been vaccinated and sterilized.

As we still do not have a clinic and a vet, we have a vet who makes the visits to shelter to do the vaccines and the test, or give the treatments to the injured  or sick dogs.

For other more special treatments we need to go to local vet: for biometries, broken legs, surgeries, intensive cares…

We had Mancha 4 days in intensive care at Sanimal, we had 1 dog from the stree with a broken leg also in care at Sanimal, we had 6 biometries at Sanimal, we had 1 ear infection with blood cussions in treatment at Sanimal, we had a a consultation with vet Eduardo Cardenas for the blind Doberman.

We have 3 distemper cases since 1 month, who are in quarantine and treatment to save them from distemper: Lola, Mila and Lisa.


Lisa got 6 injections of Imunest, and now after her biometry she was released from severe quarantine and was given in foster home to recover safely  during this following month and then, get her vaccines and be sterilized .

Mila is having a second treatment of 6 injections. She just got the 5th and after the 6th we will make a biometry also to her and see the progress  of the treatment.

Lola had to get also a second treatment of 6 injections. She has finished the 2 treatments, got a biometry done. The results are not so good we hoped: she has not enough red blood globules.

Now we have to make every thing to get her strong: we need urgent a good foster home to make her strong and healthy. She cannot still not be together with another dog.

We had a lot of mediacla expenses this month, for antibiotics (doxicilina, amoxicicilina, cefalexina, metrodinazol, ambroxol, vitamine B complex, Imunest, Vincristina, vaccins, anti-inflamatories, ranitidina

The new arrival: BALI

He is a huge Doberman weighting now in his terrible skinny situation 27 kg. This will be a Dobermann of 40 kg.  He also has TVT (2 tumors), and is blind. The veterinarian diagnostic is that he has a brain inflammation caused probably by the TVT. So he is now under very strong antibiotics and need to gain weight and strength in the next 10 days to start with the chemo therapy, who is physically very exhausting.

We need help to cover the costs of the whole treatment.


Miel, Ramon, Chanel, Sonri, Sissi, Luna, Wolf, Brandy, Barbie, Obama, Jessie, Vodka, Grey and Paquita


We have done a lot of advances: 1 septic container finished, the floor are all in cement now (except 1 where we will do a 2nd septic container), the outside is almost completely cleaned up. The last things will be taken away this month.



  1. Clean up completely the front of the shelter, put a wooden fence and articial plastic grass, and put some Bougainvillea trees near the shelter fences s and some palm trees to give some shadow.  Cost: we are waiting for the estimate.
  2. A  2nd septic container inside of 1 of the shelters.  Cost: 10000 pesos (833 USD)
  3. THE CLINIC:   CONSTRUCTION COST  (including plumber, electricity, windows, doors, roof and ceramic floor):

                                                                            156000 pesos (13000 USD)


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