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S.O.S el Arca is a non-profit dog shelter and completely privately funded,  with no  government financial support.  We rescue and rehabilitate dogs from the street and local dog pound ,  where they catch and kill dogs in three days. Our main objective is to rescue and give in adoption to good homes dogs that have been abandoned, wounded  abused, etc.

We are a no kill shelter, our dogs are with us until we find a permanent home.

 A little bit of history

 In 2011 our president Sylvie Goetz, decided to take the responsibility of adopting a dog and went directly to the local pound.

The conditions were terrible, the dogs didn’t have any food or water, they died of hunger, dehydration and many other horrible ways. She left there with her skinny dog, for many days she carefully cared for him. And after he was well she decided to help all the dogs that were locked up any way she could. She brought them food, published their pictures and found homes for over 80 of them in the first 3 months. Taking care of over 100 dogs was a huge Job and so were the costs, for that reason SOS was born. At first one of the goals of SOS was to work with the local church and create a orphanage for kids and give each child a dog as well as work with zoo therapy with the rescued dogs but due to the amount of dogs in need of desperate help it was necessary to put off those plans for a while and become only a no kill shelter for dogs.

Our mission

 Help and save as many dogs as possible from, abuse, abandonment, hunger, etc. By rehabilitating and taking care of them as long as necessary until finding a loving permanent home.

Our vision

 To be a positive influence in as many poor, abandoned and wounded dogs of Playa del Carmen as possible that includes but is not limited to:

  •  Spay and neutering.
  • Rehabilitate both mentally and fisically.
  • Care for in our shelter until we find a permanent home.
  • Give veterinary care.


  • To create an environment to attract, constant corporate and personal sponsers.
  • Active, involved, committed, and regular volunteers.
  • To do fun and unique fund raisers.
  • To have a strong and regular base of foster homes.

Without this and your help we simply could not carry on and the dogs would suffer.


Our New Project

5 mobile clinic to serve the communities Sterilizing street per street permanently all year long, through every district and neighborhood, taking the street dogs, sterilize them, mark them, put them back and keep them under observation.

Our Goal is 30 dogs per car 5 days a week, 36000 dogs per year, 216 000 dogs in the next 6 years. Playa del Carmen has acctually over  100000 dogs which aren’t sterilized and livings in the streets. This is the only way to control the huge problems of over population of dogs and cats.

The cost of each fully equipped mobile clinic is $130000 USD. In this link, Mobile Spay & Neuter and Adoption Clinics | La Boit Specialty Vehicles, you can read more about it

We really need committed people who wants to be part of this huge project. Contact us to be part of it.


 Immediate Needs: A New Shelter & Others Neccesities of Life

The dogs, we have over 100 dogs, and the structure only survive on donations of generous supporters. We thanks and ask you to continue to support us.

Some thing that S.O.S el Arca needs:

  • Medicines – Very Important – :


Amoxiciclina con acido clavulanico 500 mg
Amoxicilina con acido clavulanico suspensión
Cefalexina 500 mg
Cefalexina suspensión
Clindamicina de 300 mg
Ramipril de 2.5
Ramipril de 5

Metronidazol 500 mg
Metronidazol suspencion
Itraconazol de 100 mg
Prednisona 5 mg
Complejo B
Vitamina A
Tramadol de 50 mg
Tramadol de 100 mg

Complet Plus, Ivercan
Imunest de Dac Novis
Tear Function

Ear Clean
Micoplex rojo y verde
Frontline For Dogs Different Weights
Frontline For Cats

  • Dry Food for Adults & Puppies Dogs.
  • Benches, lounge chairs, dog houses, crates, toys, and everything they need to play and freely exercise.
  • A training area to educate the dogs to make adoption easier.
  • A clinic for the daily care of our shelter dogs but also for the rescue of the new injured, sick or very abused dogs. (We have to attend for the moment a local veterinarian who gives us discounts, but the monthly cost is very high).


S.O.S el Arca Group


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